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Lake Farmpark Quilt Show Review

Do you appreciate all of the effort and talent that went into the hours of work?  Then you are in good company.  I find them facinating but do not have the patience or talent to complete one.    I became much more interested in the last few years as one of my guests, Judy Strauss, showed me some of the quilting she was working on sitting around the breakfast table.  Seeing quilts thru her eyes gained me a new appreciation for this art form.

The annual quilt show was once again hosted by the Lake Farm Park this past February so I took a short 10-minute to see the event.  There were over 100 quilts of all shapes and sizes to admire.  Here are a few highlights:

My favorite.  All Done by Hand

My favorite.  To the left is the entire quilt. To the right is a close up of the effort that went into making this award-winning design. The entire quilt was completely done by hand–no machine quilting at all. I cannot imagine the effort it took. Can you see all of the little hand stitches? 12 stitches to an inch!


How about this applique work?
Pretty Amazing!

Here  is some amazing applique work

This is as whimsical as it gets.  While hard to see there is an amazing amount of intricate work with various types of media.  Any child would love it have it and it was certainly a children's favorite

Tired of winter?  Here a quilt that brings Spring to mind.  Speaking of Spring, is it ever going to come?

Quilt Show Lake Farm Park February 2018

Well, these are just a few from the show.  There were way too many tp post! However, if you would like to learn more, here's an interesting article from the local News-Herald.  Better yet, why not book a weekend next February and come and see them yourself?  Bring a few girlfriends for a fun weekend!

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